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How I Work

Your Life Goal Wheel of Life


Fun and recreation: "The refreshment of strength and spirit after work"

Personal / Spiritual Growth: A journey of ongoing self-development through 
education towards the goal of finding the true meaning in life for you.

Relationship with spouse / significant other: Self defining

Relationship with friends / family: Self defining

Health: Creating and maintaining good eating and exercise habits as well 
as overcoming adversity.

Career/Purpose I Life: A career at work is a trade or profession…
a career after work could be volunteerism or a hobby.

Financial Wealth: The creation of financial independence and security.

Physical environment: Where you live... your home, your 
neighbourhood, your community


Implementing a retirement, estate, and any other form of financial plan may consist of investing in mutual funds, insurance products (such as segregated funds) and other financial instruments. Prospective investors should always obtain a copy of the offering documents in respect of each investment product (such as prospectus, information statement or folder, insurance contract, etc.), and read it carefully, including discussion of any risk factors, fees, expenses, terms, conditions and restrictions. Consult your personal tax and legal advisor before investing.